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GAIN KRISTALL Affiliates are independent professional consultants, mainly focused on Private Equity, Projects,
and Corporate Advisory Services.
We call them KRISTALL because they proved their kristall-clear mind and character, an really rear asset
to be find in this turbulent times we live today.
KRISTALL Affiliates have full free access to
GAIN´s branded Advisory Services like
International Company Formation and Management
International Bank Account Opening
Aircraft, Yacht and Ship Registration Services
Credit Card Processing and other Payment Solutions
Offshore Trust and Foundation Formation
KRISTALL Affiliates also support our extensive
Project Database
where they can display projects of their clients within the GAIN network to find potential Private Equity Investors or strategic partners for the benefit of their clients.
On the same token, they also can review relevant projects for their potential Investors.
KRISTALL Affiliates also have full access to all
Retail Financial Products
such as Secured Loans, Private or Corporate
Pre-paid Debit Cards issued by GAIN Product Partners
in cooperation with 
Furthermore KRISTALL Affiliates are invited within the GAIN Network, from time to time to various exclusive Business and Private Events in the most famous locations in the World.
Boat Shows, Golf Tournaments, Formula1,MotoGP and more
KRISTALL Affiliates have also access to the
an payable education Service for Finance Professionals
who want to become involved in the Industry of
High Yielded Private Program Opportunities
You will learn about the History of Money,
the Banking Industry, International Financial Structuring, Forex Markets, Financial Instruments today, Private Placement and Leverage business, monetizing Instruments,  Project Funding opportunities and much more...      
Qualify for a GAIN KRISTALL Membership
by contacting your GAIN Host
for an Interview and application procedures today
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