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Our History


GAIN started in year 2002 being a small private equity decision making circle


in the following years sophisticated business-man and business-women from all 5 continents formed an international cluster organization, consisting of a small core, the GAIN-ELITE, with around it a cluster of independent professionals and very powerful global VC's, specialized in Private Equity Investments.




Our Goals


Your first address to support your high sophisticated financial business  

We at GAIN understand the needs of todays independent Introducers in the financial industry and the various challenges they meet when approaching there clientele for financial consulting, project funding and financial products.


Beside the pressure to meet the strict regulatory obligations, there is a lack of first hand valuable and structured information and knowledge of available structures and high performing financial products for their clientele. 


GAIN membership offers for your day to day work:  


premium content 
premium services
premium products


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