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Our History


GAIN started in year 2002 being a small private equity decision making circle


in the following years sophisticated businessman and businesswomen from all 5 continents formed an international cluster organization, consisting of a small core, the GAIN ELITE, with around it a cluster of independent professionals and very powerful global VC's, specialized in Private Equity Investments.


Few years later GAIN adopted the ideas of Ricardo Semler, where on basis of trust, initiative and responsibility people work together. All professionals have complete autonomy within their competence and entrepreneurship, but enjoy the advantage of working together and creating synergy.


Today, we organize capital for the most diverse needs as also financing major projects all over the globe. We believe in our NetWorkForce which creates a synergy between the professionals and different competences. We help our members clients finding new business capital where professional Funders / Traders and Companies meet.

Our main activities are in high level Investments as well as Global Financial Loans in major Global Projects. We help our members with outstanding private placement and

private banking services on an International level.


Yes, we are truly Global   



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