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GAIN Affiliates offer a wide range of specialist consultancy and corporate services to individuals and businesses on an international scale and as always, in live there are good ones and there are better once.


The best of them showed of course all ingredients like the

GAIN KRISTALL Affiliates, but there is more what

GAIN ELITE members have.

They all showed personal commitment and high capabilities to manage clients in complex environments.      


All our GAIN ELITE members have strong ties to

ultra- and high net worth individuals and financial or political institutions with a huge potential of investment power and various international projects.


As a new GAIN ELITE Member, You must be prepared to satisfy this requirement of having high quality Relationships within your own business or private network,

to join GAIN ELITE and become a facilitator with us.


We are dealing with some of the richest individuals

and best funded institutions on earth,

therefore we require highest standards of behaviour

and professionalism at work.


To become an GAIN ELITE member

you must be recommended from an already existing member.

You will be asked to hold an interview with us and present

one of your last successfully closed deals.


Yes, we have a very strong selection process

but you should be aware of the exponential

chances for your clients, Business friends and first and foremost, your personal “Gain” with us.


If you feel to be the like the described person,

ready, willing and able to join us,

please contact your Invitee for further information

and take a look to our premium products and services



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